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"Every great image deserves a great frame."


One popular technique for mounting artwork uses a vacuum heat press such as the VaccuSeal 4468H. This process is perfect for that poster you've had rolled up in the back of your closet for years, as well as photographs, newspaper articles, and maps. The heat allows creases to be reduced, and keeps your artwork flat and bubble-free once it is framed. While the adhesive used has a neutral pH, the process is often permanent and is therefore not recommended for pieces that hold any monetary value (particularly original or signed objects). For anything not mounted in our press, we use acid-free conservation grade methods and materials to safely secure your artwork. Feel free to ask us about these on your next visit!

Custom Framing

For those who have loose canvas artwork, often from travel for ease of transport, we offer an affordable stretching service using all-natural wood materials sourced from Oregon pine trees. This is also an excellent option used for yards of fabric to make an eye-catching home décor display. Other forms of stretching involve sewing the object to a conservation grade matboard of your color choice that will compliment the art. This method is favored for cross-stitch projects, embroidery and needlepoint, clothing (i.e. jerseys, uniforms, baby's first outfit, etc.), and other fabric-based items.



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There are a multitude of glazing options from the basic to the most technologically advanced that we offer here at AC. We specifically feature a full line of UV-filtering products, in both glass and acrylic, for your framing needs. Our consultants will advise you on the best option for your work, be it simple glass or state-of-the-art anti-reflective Optium Museum Acrylic. We also offer window pane glass for projects that do not require conservation-quality glazing (i.e. French door restoration).


Great design and presentation is a delicate balance between what the image, artwork or artifact longs for, and the imagination of its owner. We work closely with our customers as friends and neighbors to keep them involved in the process, and we add our experience to help them find a design solution that matches their vision with their budget. At AC Frame & Fine Art, we know that what we create together is an investment of love. From the first budget frame to a full conservation package, we envision every piece, not as a memory that might be discarded, but as one that will be admired and appreciated for decades.

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With a recent update to our display wall, we have added even more moulding samples to our already voluminous collection. We offer an impressive array from traditional to contemporary to rustic in various profile styles, from manufacturers such as Larson-Juhl, Roma, Presto, and Framer's Inventory. Also available at AC is a vast assortment of metal mouldings, floats for canvas art, as well as shadowboxes. With hundreds of options, you are certain to find the perfect frame for your art.


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We use only museum-quality conservation grade matboard, and with thousands to choose from, our staff will advise you in a design that is right for your individual needs. Mats can enhance your art by mimicking or complimenting colors, patterns, and textures, while simultaneously creating depth within the finished product. We feature hand-wrapped linen and silk matting options, as well as painted bevels. Using the latest technology, we also offer unique mat cuts, v-grooves, and embossed or debossed mats.