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AC Frame & Fine Art

Original Art

Olympic Sunrise No. 3 by Max Hayslette

Mixed media & oil on canvas

Framing Projects

We display a number of original art pieces here at AC's Fine Art Gallery. Local artists featured include world-renowned Max Hayslette, Johnny Walker, Kim McElroy, Judy O'Dell, and Gail Hornsby, to name just a few! Prices include the existing framing package on each individual piece. Shop our inventory today!

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We strive to provide our customers with quality framework for all types of art from originals on canvas to prints to 3-D objects. We offer thousands of styles including standard and ornate profiles, floats, and shadowboxes. There is sure to be something for everyone here at AC Frame & Fine Art!


Are you interested in framing or purchasing artwork? Please contact us here or give us a call! 360.297.1347

Secondary Art

New to AC is the procurement and marketing of secondary artwork. This term is used for art that has been sold before, and is available again for sale in the market place. The secondary market provides liquidity for the art world, and often establishes market value for any given artwork at a specific point in time. If you have secondary art you are interested in selling, please contact us here. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can!